Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wolff Legacy: A New Beginning?

Hey, friends!! Long time no see! I know it's been forever since I updated this story, but after loosing everything due to a virus (or was it a game glitch--can't remember) I gave up writing. But now, I am SO excited!!

While cleaning out my external hard-drive I ran across an old TS3 library file...with ALL of my Wolff families saved and virus/glitch free. I have already installed them and have begun playing again. I'm having a blast! These old files weren't quite up to date with the story as I left it, so I am trying to catch things up to where I left off. If there is any interest, I might start writing again...

If there isn't any interest I might just do it anyway...for the sheer fun of it. Anyway...Happy Simming!!


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