Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wolff Legacy: A New Beginning?

Hey, friends!! Long time no see! I know it's been forever since I updated this story, but after loosing everything due to a virus (or was it a game glitch--can't remember) I gave up writing. But now, I am SO excited!!

While cleaning out my external hard-drive I ran across an old TS3 library file...with ALL of my Wolff families saved and virus/glitch free. I have already installed them and have begun playing again. I'm having a blast! These old files weren't quite up to date with the story as I left it, so I am trying to catch things up to where I left off. If there is any interest, I might start writing again...

If there isn't any interest I might just do it anyway...for the sheer fun of it. Anyway...Happy Simming!!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Chapter 2.6: The Big Day

Note: Due to technical difficulties--again--this is going to be a short chapter. There were quite a few lost simdays due to glitches following the installation of Showtime. I was able to save the family, but major changes are about to take place for everyone.

Time has flown since I last recorded our family's progress. Mom and Dad accompanied Sage to his high school award ceremony just prior to his graduation. Sage was rather disappointed that he didn't win a big award, and only brought home a participation award for the debate team. This was the school's first year having a team, and they didn't really have any truly stellar performances. Still, we are proud of Sage for his effort and excellent grades throughout his school years. Graduation is in a few days, and we are all looking forward to his big day.

The twins are becoming young ladies already. They loved participating in ballet as children and are looking forward to pursuing their artistic and musical endeavors in their teens. Marjolaine was the first to blow out her candles. She still loves the outdoors, playing chess and listening to music, and she received a guitar for her birthday. We aren't too sure about her new haircut, and are all a bit worried about her! As you can tell by the expression on her face in the picture--she is just looking for trouble. I fear teen rebellion has hit our home in the form of a lovely little blond named Marjolaine--who suddenly hates everything. She is even talking about changing her name--of all the crazy things. Plumbob help me! 
Rosemary has become quite the charmer! Her charismatic personality will win her lots of friends, and her artistic skill and love of literature is sure to impress. She loves the outdoors just like her sister, but that seems to be where their similarities end. Where Rosemary is free and artsy, Marjolaine is logical and inhibited, and that seems to be a source of much rivalry between them. We can only hope that with time and maturity they will come to appreciate each other again as they did when they were children.
Sage has grown into an exceptionally good-looking young man, and is pursuing his dream of becoming a 5-Star Chef. He is working with me at the bistro, and we are thinking of purchasing the place and turning it into a coffee house with room for a stage. He has developed quite a love for fast cars, so we bought him a new Renault for his birthday. Good thing my mom taught him to drive while he was still a teen! 
The first thing Sage did after securing his job was hunt down his long-time girlfriend, Belle and ask her to marry him. They had a private ceremony at her parents house and are now looking for a place of their own. Belle is planning to become a scientist and can help Basil out in the garden until they are ready to move on. Part of me wishes they would stay here in the family home and continue our legacy, but I don't think that is going to happen. Belle really wants to have a home of her own, and I can't say that I blame her. They also want to start a family, and that will be difficult to do in our already cramped home.
Basil and I are getting older as well, and celebrated our birthdays on the same day as the twins and Sage.
Despite the wishes made and gifts received, I can't help but feel a chapter in our lives is closing. Changes are coming...and I'm not sure any of us are going to like it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Chapter 2.5 Pair Care

Greetings friends! Jason Kang here. Saff asked me to stop by today to fill you all in on some very important events. She's off taking care of the twins right now, but she'll be here in  just a moment. In the meantime, let me introduce my son, Grisham. He was born a few hours after Marjolaine and Rose Mary, and both the little guy and Hekate have recovered well.
It's hard to believe such a sweet little boy could cause an entire town to fall apart, but...well...things around Sunset Valley have been difficult. When the local residents realized that Hekate (daughter of the devil himself) and I were having a baby, there was a bit of a stir. The night of Grisham's birth sirens went off and everyone received an "Error Code 12" message on their tvs and radios.  All of the town's long-time residents packed up and left, and they haven't returned! I know it sounds crazy, but that is the reality with which we are living. The only people left living in our town are the descendents of Thornton and Morgana Wolff and their spouses, and a few service people. Our family is large, and we have no doubt we can keep the town running, but it is very strange seeing only our family members wondering the streets. For now everything is running smoothly--amazingly so--and...oh, comes Saff. Take care all!
Thanks for hanging out with Jason while I got the twins settled. Taking care of them has been hectic, but they are such a blessing. It is almost time for them to age up--yes, already--and before they do I want to fill you in on other happenings.
Mom and Dad have settled into retirement quite nicely. Mom loves helping Sage with his homework, and helping me with cleaning and cooking.
Dad has been doing upgrades to our appliances and plumbing, playing chess with Sage, and doting on his grandaughters. I never imagined the two of them would be happy staying at home, but I guess there are plenty of ways for even the most devoted of workaholics to keep busy.
This is my cousin, Mavis Reed's; daughter. Claire Annette just became a teen, and is getting prettier every day. She recently became involved with Graham Tessla (Aunt Annada'a grandson). We were all pretty concerned after the mass exodus of our neighbors. All of us were wondering what our children will do when they decide they are ready to settle down and have a family. Mom and Dad did some research, and since our children are more than three generations removed from our common ancestor, it is OK for them to marry and have children together. I think we are all getting used to the idea, but the teens were the first to get over it--probably with a little help from their hormones! I recently heard from my Aunt Kala that Fallon Roarke and Carver Telford are together, too.
This is Ricky Bachelor, my cousin Hetta's husband. He is progressing in his career in the military, and moving up the ranks rapidly. He'll probably be blasting off into space before long--what an adventure. That's cousin Henry's son, Richard, in the background.
From pictures I have seen of Grandma and Grandpa, Richard looks a lot like them. He's a blend of both Grandma Morgana and Grandpa Thronton. He's a handsome guy, don't you think?
That's Graham talking to my cousin, Pascal. Graham has his mom's coloring, and we think he is planning to be a scientist like his father.
There's Alexandra in her garden, and it looks like she got a bumper crop this time around! She's a very nice lady, and has been very helpful to Basil as he has tried to learn all of the intricacies of gardening. He earned his Master's certificate this week, thanks to a little help from her.

That's Belle Tessla, who also has her mother's coloring. She is a very smart little girl! She spends a lot of time here playing with Sage. They both love playing chess and doing their homework together.

She has lovely features as well.
One last picture before we head down for the party. This is Michaela Reed. She married Hadyn, cousin Mavis' son and they are expecting their first child. Both Hadyn and Michaela are in the music business.
"Hey, Hekate! Thanks for getting Rose Mary's diaper. I think Basil has Marjolaine downstairs and is getting ready to blow out the candles. Hurry down!"
"Smile, Basil dear. You don't want our daughter thinking you weren't happy at her first birthday party!"

"I'm not--she's growing up too fast! We better sing. Wax is getting all over the frosting."
Happy Birthday, Marjolaine!
Happy Birthday, Rose Mary!
I'm always nervous when Aunt Annada comes to my party, wondering if my cake will be good enough to serve to a 5-Star Chef. I used her recipe this time, and she said it tasted better than the one's she bakes!

It was a fabulous evening!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chapter 2.4 Growing Pains

With a new baby on the way, I decided that I should get busy teaching little Sage his toddler skills. Teaching him is a joy, but my back does tend to get sore with all of the sitting on the floor and bending over. This pregnancy has been more difficult on my body, as the baby seems very big. I'm beginning to think this baby is going to be a toddler before it's born!
Sage was overtaken with the sparkles of aging just as I finished teaching him his last skill.
Our little Sage is becoming a young man, and a handsome one at that!
Sage isn't the only one aging. It was kind of a bittersweet night as my dad became an elder and retired from his medical career. He was very happy with the change--says he's ready to slow down and take it easy. That just doesn't sound like my hard-working father.
My mother decided to age-up in the middle of a bubble bath! I went into the bathroom to join her for her celebration, and promptly went into labor. I think the stress of seeing my parents become elders was just too much for my pregnant belly.

My labor didn't stop my mom--she still aged-up and looked rather pleased with herself.
My dad came into the bathroom to celebrate with my mom, and immediately began to panic over my labor. I will never understand how a seasoned surgeon can be reduced to insanity at the sight of a woman with a swollen belly about to give birth! Part of me wanted to laugh at the irony of this situation, but the pains were coming too hard and fast to allow it.  
I finally managed to get dad to stop freaking-out long enough to make my way out of the bathroom. Just as I got to the top of the stairs the baby arrived.
This just didn't seem right to me--the pain--it was--indescribable!
"Hi there, little Marjolaine!"
I had my beautiful little one in my arms, but something still didn't feel right. My belly...
...I took Marjolaine to her crib, not really understanding what was happening.
With no further ado, and absolutely no fanfare, pretty sparkles or anything...Rosemary entered our lives.
Double the blessings! Double the fun!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chapter 2.3 A Love Story

My dear brother and his bride didn't wait long to tie the knot.
Just as the sun was rising they exchanged rings. My silly sister-in-law didn't even bother to change out of her scrubs first! I'm very happy for them both, but I am disappointed that they didn't have a big wedding. Of course I can't really say that I blame them--there's always so much drama with a fancy wedding, and we seem to be having enough drama around here as it is.
After sharing a first kiss as husband and wife, the happy couple moved out to start their new life together.
They chose this lovely beach front Victorian home. They will be right next door to our cousin, Reese, his wife, Regina, and their children.
The home has a nicely decorated entry way...
...with a two-story foyer
The living area is cozy and well furnished.
The formal dining room has plenty of space for family dinners.
The kitchen would make even Aunt Annada, the Celebrated 5-Star Chef, happy.
There is a full bath down stairs that mimics the look of the one upstairs.
The Master Suite has everything a couple could want--including a spectacular view from a private balcony!

There is an already-decorated nursery, so I guess they are starting a family right away.
And there's plenty of room for their new family to grow.
With a pool and Foosball table in the back yard, I bet they will host plenty of block parties!

If we could have all gotten in the front door, the wedding party would have been fabulous. As it was, several of the guests gave up and headed home.

My parents and I headed to the back entrance, as the front one was too congested for anyone to get through. I think I'm going to start a campaign to inform my fellow sims of how to properly enter a residence or business. This seems to happen way too often and wastes precious party time!

Persephone looked lovely in her Gothic-style gown and Cameo. I am so glad that my long-time friend has become my sister. I had no idea all those years ago when I invited her to that sleep-over that we would come to this day.

Once we all made it inside we enjoyed a delightful slice of key lime pie. It's my brother's favorite, so I wasn't surprised that they served that instead of the usual wedding cake.

 It seems for all of the effort made to make his favorite dessert, they ran out before he managed to get a piece. I wished my brother well before heading home, as being pregnant again had left me quite tired.

Back at home, Basil apologized for his behavior with Cassandra the night before. I still wasn't really in the mood to talk to him, and wanted him to leave me to my painting.
Dad had a nice visit with Persephone the next afternoon. I guess Jason had a great wedding night! The newlyweds are expecting a baby boy. Their pretty nursery will be filled shortly after our own little bundle is born.